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Wonder Tree

Wonder Tree (ワンダー・ツリー) is the boss of the Pulseman Stage 2: India, a tree transformed into a cyborg by Doc Waruyama that is capable of attacking.

The boss is introduced after Pulseman exits cyberspace and wanders the mechanized Indian forest for a short bit. He eventually stumbles upon the cyborg tree, which proceeds to attempt to kill him.

The Wonder Tree has 3 attacks and works on a pattern. 

  1. Wonder Tree will rise up from directly below Pulseman.
  2. Wonder Tree will proceed to shoot its mechanical roots in waves across the ground. After three shots, the boss will recede back into the ground.
  3. Wonder Tree will once again come up from directly below Pulseman.
  4. Wonder Tree will launch a cable with a spike on it directly at Pulseman. The player must dodge the spike ball, and then can use the wire the spike is attached to to attack and damage the boss with the Voltteccer. The boss will recede when the spike ball returns.

After the fourth technique, the boss will loop from the start again. The boss is only vulnerable during the last part of its attack pattern.

Once Pulseman destroys it, it can be assumed the Wonder Tree was the core brain behind the jungle mechanization effort, as Beatrice tells Pulseman that everything is cleared there now.


  • This is the only boss where damaging him with Voltteccer is not only a sensible solution, but a better strategy than other attacks.
  • It is possible to hit the boss twice before it recedes in the fourth pattern.
  • The boss only takes 5 hits.
  • Unlike the first boss, Virtual Hand, this boss does indicate with a white light that it is indeed taking damage, but does not give any visual clues to the player that it is injured.