Pulseman Wiki

Pulseman using Voltteccer.

Voltteccer (ボルテッカー Borutekkā) is Pulseman's special move. In it, he turns into a ball of electricity.

Voltteccer proves to be Pulseman's main method of stage progression. While in Voltteccer mode, Pulseman is completely invincible. He cannot take damage, will damage any enemies in his way, and can only die if he bounces into a pit.

Voltteccer can only be used one of three ways:

  1. By running forward a distance which causes Pulseman to gather an electrical charge and enter in the Sparkling State. Good for one use.
  2. By performing a Dash and gathering a charge. Good for one use.
  3. By getting a Volttecc Energy upgrade, which grants Pulseman infinite uses while he stays on that board.

If Pulseman is not charged, he will perform a short electrical burst that only causes damage to enemies that touch it. Its main use is if Pulseman comes in contact with an electrical rail. While underwater, the button to use Voltteccer does nothing at all.

When charged, Voltteccer fires upwards at a 45 degree angle on the screen. If Pulseman goes straight, he will eventually stop and fall to the ground unharmed, having gone up a considerable distance. If Pulseman collides with a wall, he will reverse direction, and if he collides with a ceiling, he will shoot down instead of up. Whenever Pulseman collides with a wall, the timer for Voltteccer's length increases, and if Pulseman stays in Voltteccer while bouncing off walls, he will stay in indefinitely.

Pulseman and Veil using Voltteccer.

Voltteccer can damage bosses, but only is useful against Veil and Wonder Tree; otherwise most bosses are in open areas where Pulseman will be unable to stay in the mode long enough to make it useful.

Electric rails dot various stages. When in Voltteccer or by pressing the button near a rail, Pulseman will attach to a rail. While on the rail, if a nearby rail is close enough, Pulseman can switch rails by pressing that direction on the D pad. When Pulseman leaves the rail, he will have no charge. As long as Pulseman stays on the rail, he will move indefinitely.

If Voltteccer is used and Pulseman do not have a Volttecc Energy upgrade, Pulseman cannot use Slash Arrow on the same charge and vice versa.

Veil also uses a form of Voltteccer, however his charges on its own or if Pulseman hits him with Slash Arrow, and does not charge if he dashes. His is also red.


  • This move inspired Pikachu's (from Pokémon) move Volt Tackle. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, this move looks almost identical to Voltteccer.