Birthday April 7, 2014
Age 15 (in terms of human age)
Gender Male
Birthplace Within the memory space of the ultra computer "Nikoponia"
Blood type Unknown, but is rumored to be B
Height 161 cm
Weight 50.5 kg

Veil (ヴェール Vēru) is a C-Life being thoroughly cool in character that is loyal to his creator Doc Waruyama. He looks similar to his rival Pulseman, and his abilities exceed Pulseman's in all aspects.

Veil appears at the end of Stage 5: Alaska. He comes out of nowhere using the Voltteccer and causes Pulseman to give chase. Veil's main strategy is utilizing his own red version of Voltteccer to attack and assault Pulseman. This attack can easily be countered by slamming into him while using Pulseman's Voltteccer, which will cause an electrical explosion and knock Veil out of his attack. Eventually, however, it will most likely dawn on the player that although this attack knocks him out of his attack, it doesn't damage him.

If Pulseman attempts to attack Veil while he is standing still, he will simply dash backwards, and if he hits a wall, he will perform a forward dash (similar to Pulseman) and slam into Pulseman, damaging him. If he is hit with Flash Arrow, this will only charge his Voltteccer, which appears to charge of its own accord.

To damage Veil, Pulseman has to hit him with Voltteccer, then immediately follow up an aerial attack and hit Veil before he manages to reach the ground, which will cause an odd distortion where images of Veil fly off of him.



Pulseman facing Veil.

  • Veil may have inspired the shiny form of Rotom in Pokémon, which is also made by Game Freak.
  • Whereas Pulseman's glove communicators change color to suit his damage, Veil's do not.
  • This is the second of 2 bosses in the game (the first being the Wonder Tree) that require Voltteccer to take down, however Veil isn't hurt by Voltteccer, just stunned.
  • His name, backstory, and personality, like everything else, are not stated in-game.
  • Veil looks a lot like Pulseman, and the two could potentially either be brothers, Veil could be an altered clone of Pulseman, or there could be no relation except being C-Life beings. Thus either they're related, or male C-Life beings may just have similar appearances.
  • Veil doesn't actually use his feet at all during the battle.
  • The arena that Veil is fought in is the only arena in the game that has an enclosion, allowing infinite uses of Voltteccer if needed.
  • Most of this battle can be spent in Voltteccer, and thus this battle is extremely easy to survive once the player understands the rules.
  • Veil's waiting animation is 2 frames as opposed to Pulseman's 3 frames, he does not have a windup to firing off Voltteccer, he turns into a black ball with a red dot on it in Voltteccer, and whereas Pulseman has one arm forward when dashing, Veil has both behind his back.
  • Veil can dash roughly double the distance of Pulseman.
  • Veil takes 8 hits.
  • Veil's Voltteccer technique is so powerful that he shakes the ground just firing it off.


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