Doc Waruyama sending the submarine after Pulseman.

The boss of the Pulseman Stage 6: Australia is a super strong submarine holding a fish-like gun. Utlizing Pulseman's weakness, Doc Waruyama has him fight Pulseman underwater. As Pulseman is underwater, he is in disadvantage as he can't use his electric powers. However, he can punch the small enemies that appear in the area in the submarine's direction to damage it.

The boss has 3 major attacks, and moves up and down in a wavy pattern while doing them.

  • Firing 3 bullets at a time from the mouth of the robotic fish (same enemies found around the stage).
  • Swinging him arm in a circle.
  • Sending underwater bombs with Waruyama's face on them straight at the player.

The boss is dangerous to stand too close to, since this will leave virtually no reaction time by the player to avoid his projectiles or attacks. Also, since you are underwater, Slash Arrow and Volteccer are entirely useless. All Pulseman can do is punch, but his punch cannot damage the large submarine. Pulseman also lacks his dash, and, due to the encumberance of the water, cannot move very quickly and jumps higher but slower. This makes dodging the attacks of the boss require early timing and quick response.

Pulseman must, instead, hit the Waruyama bombs back towards the ship. Since there is no clear way to direct the bomb, the only strategy to this is to hit the bomb, and hope it collides with the fish (it is a big target, so this isn't entirely complicated).

The bomb blinks white when it takes damage, so there is clear show when the bomb hits and whether or not this is actually doing anything.


  • The boss overall takes 5 hits.
  • The boss does not have any warning of its presence anywhere in the statge (much like many other bosses).
  • This is the only boss Pulseman cannot damage himself.
  • This is the only boss fought underwater.
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