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Pulseman using Slash Arrow

Slash Arrow (スラッシュ・アロー Surasshu Arō) is an attack that Pulseman can utilize.

Like Voltteccer, Slash Arrow requires Pulseman to be charged in the Sparkling State to be used, and gets infinite shots if the player is equipped with a Volttecc Energy upgrade. This attack is fired by using the attack button, and cannot be used underwater.

The attack fires out in a straight line, and kills any normal enemies it comes in contact with. Against bosses, it can do the same damage as doing a physical blow.

Whereas Voltteccer is extremely situational if used as an attack, Slash Arrow is extremely versatile, and is a common and extremely useful strategy against virtually any of the bosses (except Veil and the bosses of Stages 2 and 6, where Slash Arrow is useless or unusable, respectively).

Its greatest use comes in on Stage 7: Japan, where the player is sent on a stage "Space Shooter" style.