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[[File:Pulseman 2007.jpg|right]]
===<center>Welcome to the Pulseman Wiki</center>===
The Pulseman Wiki is a Wiki all about Pulseman and Pulseman related things.
[[Pulseman (Character)|Pulseman]]
<center>'''Welcome to the Pulseman Wiki!'''</center>
[[Lisa Hartfield]]
<center>A Wiki about [[Game Freak]]'s '''''[[Pulseman (game)|Pulseman]]''''' game, media, and everything related!</center>
*''[[Pulseman (game)|Pulseman]]'' game.<br />
[[Doc Yoshiyama]]
*[[:Category:Characters|Characters]] appearing in Pulseman.<br />
*[[Refrences to Pulseman in Pokemon|References]] to ''Pulseman'' in the ''[[Pokémon]]'' series.
==Featured Article of the Month==
==Featured Article of the Month==
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The featured article for the month is [[Pulseman (Character)]]!
'''July 13, 2009''' - Now available in North America as well!<br />
==Latest activity==
'''July 3, 2009''' - ''[[Pulseman (game)|Pulseman]]'' was released on [ Wii]'s [ Virtual Console] digital distribution system in Europe and Oceania!
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Pulseman 2007
Welcome to the Pulseman Wiki!
A Wiki about Game Freak's Pulseman game, media, and everything related!


Featured Article of the MonthEdit

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July 13, 2009 - Now available in North America as well!
July 3, 2009 - Pulseman was released on Wii's Virtual Console digital distribution system in Europe and Oceania!

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