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Pulseman (パルスマン) is a video game released on the Sega Mega Drive in July 22, 1994. It was developed by Game Freak. It has been re-released on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console in 2007.


The world is connected by a network of eight ultra computers and the self-conscious final computer "Saint Anne" (サント・アンヌ). In 1999, the young Doctor Yoshiyama has created an artificial intelligence in the ultra computer Amabilis in Japan, which became a "C-Life". He fell in love with the C-Life girl he had created, so he digitized himself on the computer to stay with her. Later, he combined his DNA with her program core, and their union resulted in the Half C-Life, half human boy called Pulseman. Pulseman's dual nature allows him to freely travel through the real world and cyberspace, and he can control electricity.

In the year 2015, the mysterious Galaxy Gang led by Doc Waruyama starts a series of crimes across the world to conquer the galaxy. Pulseman uses his abilities to stop the evil ambition of Doc Waruyama.

Controls- Left and right on the d-pad moves pulse man in those directions, down to duck and up to look up. The A button is for using the volteccer move which can be used to progress in certain sections. The B button attacks, and by moving around, you can charge up a slash arrow projectile. And C is used to jump.

The game starts you off with 3 lives and 5 continues.


Stage 1: JapanVirtual Hand
Stage 2: IndiaWonder Tree
Stage 3: U.S.A.Dynamite Desert Tank
Stage 4: ThailandTexture Mapping Noishinsu
Stage 5: AlaskaVeil
Stage 6: AustraliaSuper Strong Submarine
Stage 7: JapanGreat Core
Doc Waruyama


ItemSparkBallSpark Ball
Collecting 10 Spark Balls will grant Pulseman an extra life.
ItemLifeUpLife Up
Repairs Pulseman's energy.
Item1UP1 UPGives Pulseman an extra life.
ItemVoltVoltecc Energy
Pulseman will stay in the Sparkling State until he leaves the current area
or loses a life, allowing him to use Voltteccer and Slash Arrow infinitely.


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