Lisa Hatfield

Lisa Hatfield in the RTW Evening News.
Birthday September 1, 1991
Age 24
Gender Female
Birthplace Nakano, Tokyo
Blood type A
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Lisa Hatfield (梨沙・ハットフィールド Risa Hattofīrudo) is the popular, talented and beautiful announcer from the RTW satellite broadcasting station. She is in charge of prime-time newscaster and is constantly on the story of Pulseman. She only appears during cutscenes in the end of the first and last stage of the game. She can also be seen unconscious in the background of Stage 1, waking up to report that Pulseman saved the news team on a broadcast.

After the last fight against Doc Waruyama, she will remark that Pulseman was not shown to have escaped the destroyed arcade that Galaxy Gang operated out of. She asks if this is the end of Pulseman, but is interrupted when Pulseman himself hijacks the broadcast and states he is okay. Moments later, the scene returns back to Lisa, whom is overjoyed and reports Pulseman is alive.


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