Pulseman Wiki

Pulseman using the Lightning Dash technique.

Lightning Dash (ライトニング・ダッシュ) is an ability Pulseman has. It is extremely effective, and proves to be the only way to enter in the Sparkling State during most boss fights.

The Lightning Dash is performed by quickly pressing the D-Pad forward twice. This will result in Pulseman becoming temporarily invincible, and dashing through any enemies or hazards. He will come to a stop after an undetermined distance, and will immediately stop if he hits a wall or a slope.

Lightning Dash has several purposes. Firstly, if an enemy or obstacle is in Pulseman's way, he can simply dash through it. This can also be used to move over small pits without having to jump, and dash across spike beds.

Secondly, this will charge Pulseman into the Sparkling State. Thus, he will be able to use Voltteccer and Slash Arrow without having to run about.



  • Veil can also use this technique. Unlike Pulseman, Veil's version actually damages whatever he runs into, and is much larger. He can also dash backwards, but doesn't get any charge.