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Doc Waruyama inside the Dynamite Desert Tank.

The Dynamite Desert Tank (ダイナマイト・デザート・タンク) is the boss of the Pulseman Stage 3: U.S.A., a mobile container-like vehicle piloted by Doc Waruyama. It is fought twice in the stage, the first time being in the beginning of the stage and the second in the end of the stage.

First battle[]

When Doc Waruyama spots Pulseman, he begins to make an attempt to take him down right away, forcing Pulseman into battle.

The screen is always scrolling, so the player must account for that when dodging Waruyama.

The first phase consists of the Waruyama roller using its cannon. Pulseman can jump over Waruyama, but this is very difficult since the screen is scrolling right to left, and thus Pulseman's forward motion is diminished in distance. Waruyama will slowly maneuver towards Pulseman, all the while firing his cannon. Whichever side of the roller Pulseman is on is the side that Waruyama will shoot at. When hit, he will be pushed back a short distance.

After his cannon is blown off, Waruyama will switch to attempting to ram Pulseman. This will be done by moving from one side of the screen to the other quickly. Since the environment is still scrolling, it is pertinent that the player factor in the speed that Waruyama will have and Pulseman's momentum. If Waruyama goes right to left, he will move with the screen scroll and get extra speed, but if he goes left to right, he will move against the screen scroll and move slower.

After dealing enough blows, Waruyama takes off while exploding. Pulseman then chases him to the casino, where Waruyama's wheel comedically rolls off.

Second battle[]

Doc Waruyama reappears with the vehicle in the end of the stage.


  • For some unknown reason, the top of the Waruyama roller is a platform that Pulseman can stand on. Since the screen is moving (and the enemy is too), the end result of jumping on it is Pulseman fidgeting around a bit before he falls off, but he will take no damage unless he falls into the boss.
  • This is the only boss the player face in a scrolling screen. The first boss from Stage 7: Japan, Great Core, is fought after a scrolling segment, so that doesn't count.
  • The first phase takes 7 hits, and the second takes 4.
  • The first battle against this boss has more HP than the first and second bosses.
  • It is extremely easy to get a charge in the first battle, but Voltteccer is relatively useless here since Waruyama moves and Pulseman moves off the screen, so the player never know where he's going to land without a lot of planning.
  • Doc Waruyama can be pushed partially off screen if the player spams Slash Arrow right at the beginning of the match.