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Doctor Yoshiyama

Doctor Suzuhei Yoshiyama (好山錫兵博士 Yoshiyama Suzuhei hakase) is a young Japanese biomathematician that, in the year 1999, felt in love with an artificial life-form (C-Life) that was created in a computer. Somehow Yoshiyama managed to enter the computer space to stay with his loved one, and the half human, half C-Life Pulseman was born from their union.

His whereabouts during the events of the game are unknown.


  • The name Yoshiyama means "pleasant mountain", and Shakuhei/Suzuhei means "Tin Soldier".
  • His first name is written as "Syakuei" in the game's prologue.
  • The English Wii Shop Channel description of the game says that Doc Yoshiyama and Doc Waruyama are the same person, Yoshiyama's mind becoming twisted when he emerged back into the real world. However, no Japanese source confirmed that they are the same person, this being possibly a mistake from the English version. But the two do appear to have some kind of connection.