Doc Waruyama
Doc Waruyama
Birthday December 31, 1999
Age Unknown, estimated to be 39
Gender Male?
Birthplace Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Height 201 cm
Weight 93 kg

Doc Waruyama (ドク・ワルヤマ Doku Waruyama) is the mysterious leader of the secret society Galaxy Gang, which plans to conquer the galaxy. This self-proclaimed (approximate translation) "divine year old scientist of one galaxy space" (銀河宇宙一の神才科学者) created the device "EUREKA", which allows C-Life to materialize in the real world. He is the final boss of Pulseman.

Doc Waruyama first appears in Stage 3: U.S.A. piloting the Dynamite Desert Tank, and he can be seen in Stage 4: Thailand and Stage 6: Australia. In Stage 7: Japan, he enters an arcade machine and has the final showdown against Pulseman, releasing several miniatures of himself and later assuming a virtual form.



  • Waruyama's name can mean "split mountain" or "bad mountain".
  • The English Wii Shop Channel description of the game says that Doc Waruyama and Doctor Yoshiyama are the same person, Yoshiyama's mind becoming twisted when he emerged back to the real world. However, no Japanese source confirmed that they are the same person, this being possibly a mistake from the English version. But there are a a few facts that support this:
    • The names Yoshiyama and Waruyama are similar.
    • Doc Waruyama's profile shows that he was born in the same year Yoshiyama entered the computer, 1999, but Waruyama is already an adult in 2015. This is only possible if Waruyama is a C-Life or Half C-Life, either by being born like one or by Yoshiyama becoming one in that year. It may also be possible that Waruyama is an entirely different human-like being.


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