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Doctor Yoshiyama and a female C-Life (Pulseman's mother).

C-Life is the name given to CG life forms in the video game Pulseman. Beatrice, Veil and Pulseman's mother are C-Life beings, and Pulseman is a "Half C-Life".

The origin of C-Life began in the year 1987 when it was proposed to look into what is called artificial life (A-Life), which in a more advance language, are organisms that live within the memory space of a computer. The meaning of the name "C-Life" comes from Creative Life instead of an subject created by Artificial means. There is also a theory that its meaning comes from self-Conscious artificial Life.

Being a computer life form, a C-Life can't interact with the real world, the only exception being Pulseman due to his dual nature. However, Doc Waruyama created a device named EUREKA to materialize the C-Life beings from the Galaxy Gang.


  • Pulseman instruction manual, page 17: "CG生命体(C-Life)とは? - 1987年に提唱された人工生命(A-Life)という觀念が、さらに進化した言語で、コンピューターのメモリ空間内に生息する生物の事を指す。人工的(Artificial)=被創造的ではなく、創造的な(Creative)生命という意味から『C-Life』と呼ばれる。一説には、自意識を持った(Consci-ous)人工生命の意とも言われる。"