Pulseman Wiki
Beatrice as she appears on the stage select (left)
Birthday June 28, 2010
Age 13 (in terms of human age)
Gender Female
Birthplace Within the memory space of the ultra computer "Nikoponia"
Blood type O (set as data in the computer)
Height 155 cm
Weight 43 kg

Beatrice (ベアトリーチェ Beatorīche), called Rice (リーチェ Rīche) for short, is a C-Life girl that originally was a member of the Galaxy Gang. After meeting Pulseman, she left the Galaxy Gang and became his girlfriend. As she left the Galaxy Gang, she can't materialize due to no longer being under the effect of the device EUREKA.

Rice appears on the Stage Select screen, where she informs Pulseman about the situation of the present stage. During stages she tells Pulseman what items he obtained and warns him to be careful when his health is low and before a boss battle.



  • Her backstory, name, or relation to Pulseman is not presented during the game at any point, and thus without the manual or other sources it is impossible to learn this information by simply playing the game.


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